About me

As budding memoirist with plenty to say, I created Darya Writes as a creative outlet outside of that; mainly to give space for my thoughts on my writing process and to share the books that inspire my creativity.

Like most people, who I am is an amalgamation of what I love, who I love, and what I’ve survived in my life. The long and short of it is this: I am an Iranian-Canadian, MSc holding, book reading, cat loving, married lady who can’t live without cheese and naps. I love journalling and making to do lists that I never finish. I’m a borderline Trekkie with a penchant for Halloween.

Among all of those things, and more, I am a cancer survivor, living a full life despite a chronic lung disease cause by my life saving stem cell transplant, that I graciously was able to receive from my big sister.

Join me as I navigate reading, writing, and navigating my way into and through my thirties, won’t you?