A(n open) letter to NaNoWriMo


Dear NaNoWrimo, I’m sorry for letting you down. I’m sorry for committing so strongly to you and allowing the rest of my life to get in the way. Wait… no. I’m not sorry. This is not a “letting down” or a failure in any way. This is life. Sometimes, we make commitments that we just can’t keep. And […]


Journaling My Way to Better Writing


I am one of the (un)lucky few to currently have all the time in the world to be writing, but I had be finding it incredibly hard to get any useful writing done. Like most of us, before this period of free time, I was often stuck with too many ideas and not enough focus […]


Rory Gilmore, BuzzFeed, and The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations


As if I didn’t spend enough time lurking the internet, some days (read: most days) I fall into a Pinterest hole of inspirational quotes. wouldn’t call it a guilty pleasure but more of a holy crap how did I spend 4 hours lurking Pinterest without actually pinning anything or doing anything else. These days, I have Gilmore Girls […]


How To Write The Perfect TO DO List


I just read this article by a LinkedIn influencer who calls the TO DO list an enemy. Rather than posting a fuming message in the comments section, I thought I’d write my own post about how I make my TO DO lists work for me, and how you can too. In the article, Richard Moran […]