It’s About Showing Up


Writing is hard work. It’s lonely, isolating, hard work. Whether it’s fiction or memoir, it forces you to dig deep into the depths of your soul. It’s exhausting, gut wrenching. Sometimes it hurts so much that it’s easier just not to do it. Sometimes it takes so much out of you that after 30 minutes […]


A NaNoWriMo and Health Update

About Me, Writing

It’s the 24th of November and I am 12,000 words behind my projected word count for NaNoWriMo. Last year, I couldn’t face the idea of a potential loss and just quit when I’d only hit 6,000 words in the first 15 days. This year, I’m bucking up and I’m doing the thing. My life has been […]


Letter to the Abandoned


Today, I’d like to share an excerpt of a project with you, in hopes of sharing the solace I’ve found. It’s called Letters from the Heart. The project lead on this is my best pal and writing coach, Gurpreet. After attending the UK premiere of the documentary ‘Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise’, she had […]


NaNoWriMo 2017


Good day and welcome back to a post about writing! The last few months, my blog has been Book Review-centric, but I’m finally feeling that little fire burning in my heart telling me to share my writing journey with you. And when is a better time than today, the first day of November! In case […]


The Road to Memoir

About Me, Writing

I spend a lot of time struggling to find a way to gather all of these feelings constantly running through my mind. I spill them like hot tea over the pages of my journals. I spend a lot time up and down with my moods and the way I look at the series of events […]