A Readathon Fit For a King

Last week I set sail on a journey.. the first of its kind for me.. a readathon.

This particular readathon was a four day, four prompt adventure in honour of King’s Day here in The Netherlands. It was — if this is not already obvious — hosted by four Dutch booktubers. Namely Iris, Berthe, Daphne, and Lucy.

Let me give you a bit of a background

Assuming you are not Dutch, nor an expat living in The Netherlands, you probably have no idea that we celebrate the King’s birthday as a National Holiday. That’s right, we all party our butts of wearing orange in honour the King’s birthday.

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Rekindling my love for reading (Part II)

As I mentioned in my last post, despite everything going on, I was looking forward to having some time where I didn’t have to focus on academia and could finally focus on reading for pleasure. This post veers a bit away from my actual foray back to reading leisurely and a bit into what was going on in the rest of my life at the time of my diagnosis.

No longer a student

Prior to my diagnosis, I was a student. Within months of receiving my Bachelors degree, I was back in school to pursue a Masters.

The day of my diagnosis was actually the first day of school. I remember emailing my teachers to let them know that I would be unable to attend the first class. The only things I really knew how to do and focus on was student life: reading academic articles, studying, writing academic papers. It’s really all I had known since I started my Bachelors degree in 2009. Continue reading Rekindling my love for reading (Part II)

Rekindling my love for reading (Part I)

My fiancé knows that when I’m feeling sad, nervous, or any other negative feelings, the best way to cheer me up is to take me to a bookstore and let me be among the books.

He knows that one of the best ways to bring up my mood is to let me browse titles, take in cover art, and dream of a day when I might see my own writing on one of those shelves.

booksReading as a teenager

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt the safest and the most at home in bookstores. When I was living in Niagara Falls, Canada, you could find me at Chapters at least once a week, and the Book Outlet in the days following payday.

I referred to myself as an avid reader for the majority of my teen years. I was obsessed with V.C. Andrews, Rachel Cohn, and any poetry I could find. 

But looking back, I spent more time collecting books — classics like Wuthering Heights, or anything with eye-catching cover at Costco — than actually reading them. I’ll be completely honest, I think I’ve only read the first 10 or so pages of Wuthering Heights, if that, since the spine is barely broken.
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