Everything You Need You Have by Gerad Kite: Book Review

When I started reading this short, self-help guide I was looking forward to reading something new and innovative that would add to what I already know about finding peace within myself.

While I did not find anything new in his work his idea of being at home in one’s self, regardless of physical location or belongings, is an idea that really resonates with what I have learned through years of therapy and self-discovery.

For lack of better words, home really is where the heart is.

A few Goodreads reviews complain about Kite’s writing being a bit mundane and simply summarizing ideas of Great thinkers. I don’t see this as a bad thing, especially for readers who are new to the genre and perhaps not ready to delve into the Greats.

It was a quick and easy read, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a first step into the self-help genre.

A big thanks for this ebook from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

Love, life, feelings, writing, and everything else

I spend a lot of time struggling to find a way to gather all of these feelings constantly running through my mind.

I spill them like hot tea over the pages of my journals.

I spend a lot of up and down time with my moods and the way I look at the series of events that have lead me to this corner of my couch in the home I share with my now Hubsband. Yes I am aware that that is not a real word, no I do not care.

I either whimper or weep uncontrollably in his arms when this post-cancer life feels overwhelming.

I spend a lot of time in a tug-of-war with my thoughts and writing; just trying to navigate through their parts and trying to figure out what parts of my life I want to keep sacred and close to my heart, and what parts I want to share with the world. Continue reading Love, life, feelings, writing, and everything else