Rory Gilmore, BuzzFeed, and The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations


As if I didn’t spend enough time lurking the internet, some days (read: most days) I fall into a Pinterest hole of inspirational quotes. wouldn’t call it a guilty pleasure but more of a holy crap how did I spend 4 hours lurking Pinterest without actually pinning anything or doing anything else. These days, I have Gilmore Girls […]


How To Write The Perfect TO DO List


I just read this article by a LinkedIn influencer who calls the TO DO list an enemy. Rather than posting a fuming message in the comments section, I thought I’d write my own post about how I make my TO DO lists work for me, and how you can too. In the article, Richard Moran […]


Hello world!

About Me

Live passionately, with integrity, and no regrets. I’m not entirely sure where that quote comes from, but about 5 years ago I found it written on a yellow post-it note in my Dad’s handwriting. Since then, these are words that I live by. Who am I? First and foremost, I’m just a kid and life […]